As developers, we often find ourselves in need to mock Web APIs.

For instance, let us assume that we need to consume a Web API that points to Then due to some server issues, this endpoint is going to be inaccessible for the next three days or so according…

This is a guide in creating an SFTP server with Microsoft Azure VM. This article also shows how to connect to it through WinSCP and the generated code to integrate with your .Net applications.

Provisioning an Azure VM

In the Home page of the Azure Portal, Create a resource >…

At our company, we are given monthly Azure credits. Then recently, in my project, I needed an FTP server for testing a feature, so instead of signing up for trial accounts with third-party vendors, I thought of creating one with Azure. This is a simple, straight-forward guide. …


I’m an MCSD, I’ve been developing applications for 10 years now, It’s my profession and hobby. Hoping to contribute to the community :)

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